Jeep Brand Vehicles Earn Their Place at the 23rd Annual 'Mudfest' Competition

The 23rd annual 'Mudfest' event recently concluded, leaving the legendary Jeep brand with several new accolades to add to the brand’s growing recognition. The annual event is hosted by the Northwest Automotive Press Association, and consists of 28 automotive journalists testing 27 vehicles over the course of two days. Here at Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge, we know that Jeep makes exceptional vehicles that are always up for an adventure, and that’s why we are delighted to share the latest accomplishments from the brand with you today.

During the course of the 'Mudfest' event, the auto journalists took each vehicle to task over on-road and off-road paths at The Ridge Motorsports Park located at Shelton, Washington. The Jeep models tested were able to demonstrate their off-road prowess and leading 4x4 capabilities. While many Jeep enthusiasts are drawn to the brand’s iconic styling and association with getting up close with nature, the 'Mudfest' event proved that the vehicles are just as versatile as they are attractive.

Overall, the epic Jeep brand performed well. Notable wins come from the all-new Jeep Compass SUV as it earned its place at the top of the Compact Utility Vehicle Category, and the 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk model that won the honor of topping the Premium Utility Vehicle segment. These latest honors add to the Jeep lineup’s already extensive list of honors and awards, and we look forward to following the innovative automaker’s future efforts.

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