Long Island Dealership Takes a Trip Back IN Time Displaying a 1969 AMX


Millions of stock car racing machines is an ongoing trend for auto lovers and the Sporn family is amongst the crowd of admirers, so they set out to have an original 1969 AMX stock car to sit in their Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram Showroom.

"I've been looking for this car my entire life, and I got serious about looking for it about four years ago," Joel Sporn said.  After reading the reasoning behind Joel Sporn's quote alongside his brother Randy Sporn, the complete picture of this excitement becomes clear! The latter name of Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram already an uttered the name to match the stock-car craze, as Leon & Charlotte Sporn owned & operated their titled dealership of Westbury Rambler.  Joel Sporn & his bother have diligently set out over the course of the years to track a car that originated from Westbury Rambler, their parent's dealership 50-years ago.

AMX History Comes Back to Long Island Dealership

Not only is the SS/AMX a highly sought after original for auto collectors but there were only 52 AMC and AMX manufactured, made tracking down the Westbury Rambler Leon and Charlotte Sporn favorite a bit tough. Nevertheless, for Joel Sporn, the hunt was intense to have this 1969 AMX back in New York at the now dealership of Westbury Jeep. Obviously, this is a story that shows good things come to good people as Leon Sporn has sadly passed, but Leon has definitely looking out fulfilling his son's diligent adventure in finding, and bring back to Westbury Long island dealership the AMX. Christmas and this year brought one heck of a present for the entire Sporn family. "Thanks Dad"- Joel, Randy and their families

The 1969 AMX made its way through different hands, never harmed by a dent or element of rust, and it has come right back home to the Sporn family. December 20, 2012 there will be a celebration, reunion, and a dealership filled with an ambiance of pure excitement. Naturally, this will be an emotional moment for the Sporn family but also an extremely proud feeling for all at Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram.  You can view a video of the Owners Reunion right here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcO1RhU6hr8

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