Long island NY has Dodge Vehicles that get Over 20 MPG

Dodge fans has learned Long island has Dodge Vehicles that get Over 20 MPG, and are heading to the dealership of Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram. We have all these 2012 Dodge makes/models, from sedans to Crossover vehicles that provide up to 31mpg.

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First up, is the stylish and sporty 2012 Dodge Avenger sedan, built with a masculine appearance and a powerful punch, yet offers an efficient 31mpg (HW)! Excitement grew when our Long Island Dodge Avenger dealer customers got word of the cost-efficiency that comes with this sharp sedan, creating our line of 2012 Dodge Avenger sales to soar higher. Discover no-pressure deals, excellent educated customer service, and a diligent finance department with more networking partners, such as financial institutes all over NYC and abroad, than any other dealership. Everyday low prices are guaranteed at our Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge 5-star 2012 Dodge Avenger dealership. The same scenario has occurred for the other 2012 Dodge makes/models that get over 20mpg, including 2012 Dodge Caliber and 2012 Dodge Journey. The 2012 Dodge Caliber is satisfying to almost any driver's persona, as this smaller crossover delivers stylish, modernized, and has a refreshing 32mpg from its engine made up of a 2.0-liter & the "Auto-Stick" feature. The collaboration is exceeding the pleasing, trendy, economically efficient, also the 2012 Dodge Journey workforce secured the fact this is another Dodge vehicle that gets over 20mpg. The 2012 Dodge Journey under the hood setup and elements is what makes this Dodge capable of more power yet lower overall costs, especially at the fuel pumps.


Contact the leading Dodge dealer NY residents has had by their side since founded in 1957 by the Sporn family, as it remains till this day, and we are a #1 USA voted dealership! The exclaimed strong cost-efficiency that Dodge designers stay devoted to for consumers has been proven by assuring all Dodge vehicles live up to the longtime Dodge reputation. Dodge is known for envious power and this team's dedication to incorporate high-tech ways to build artistic forms of metal that remain better than the rest!


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